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Comment: Hi everyone thanks for reading...

smidorothy started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "How Does Aidpage Work"

Hi everyone thanks for reading this post. I have never done this before but I know there are still good people in this world. I am a single mom. I need your help. This is to help pay for medical expenses. This is my only hope left and I have exhausted all of the so called remedies including medicaid which only messed up my jaw and mouth a lot worse than if I would not have seen a dentist at all and now I also look hidious. I now regret seeing a medicaid dentist and need more money than I have to repair this damage. I cannot chew with my jaw popping in and out. I am too young to feel and look this way. I went there to get a couple of teeth fixed and got butchered instead. I have nightmares about this. The board of dentistry protects its own and there is no recourse. If I had a way to make money I have the brains to be successful but that takes good health and a nice appearance to go out in public and make money. Another thing is that all of the kinds of work that I am qualified for and capable of doing require looking good in public. One of those things that I did was work in a beauty salon where people looked to me for how they might look and I look horrible like this and I am also in a lot of pain and cannot sleep much due to the pain in my jaw. The other ones were manager jobs in clothing stores etc.. It was unfortunate for me that single moms sometimes qualify for medicaid while they are working and that just happened to be my fate. I am hoping to have a decent appearance again and go through the day painlessly and to spend my days working. This is my vision. Thanks for your help.
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